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11. August, 2013|Blog, Uncategorized|No comments

Anger is usually considered to be a bad feeling yet it is one of the many emotions we experience.  If suppressed, it can harm both ourselves and others as it often results in violence, tantrums and other destructive things.  The anger can simmer away inside a person for a long time, sometimes since childhood, but at some point it will come out.  It is best not to fight it, try to accept it and start to recognise what the triggers are that bring on angry feelings.

  • Express your anger, acknowledging it rather than suppressing it or projecting it onto others.
  • Write letters (don’t have to send) to those you are angry with.
  • Guilt can link in with anger – consider issues that you are feeling guilty about and whether this makes you angry.
  • Try to change your beliefs if some of them result in anger.
  • Humour defuses anger.
  • Most importantly, don’t fear your anger, accept it and reconcile yourself to it.



The views expressed here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only.