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It can be hard to understand depression which can last for weeks, months or years and have a big effect on your life.  Every person handles life differently and difficult situations, such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy, can affect  some more than others.  The stigma of depression means often people try to hide how they are feeling and put on a front, keeping a lid on their emotions.  However, at some point the cup overflows and it is no longer possible to keep all those feelings in.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Unhappy most of the time;
  • No interest or enjoyment in life;
  • Find it hard to cope with decisions;
  • Feel very tired, restless and agitated;
  • Lose appetite and weight or put on weight;
  • Problems sleeping;
  • No interest in sex;
  • No self confidence and feel useless, inadequate and helpless;
  • Don’t want to be sociable;
  • Can have suicidal thoughts;
  • Physical pains.


Can Depression Be Treated?

As mentioned in Anxiety – Most Common Psychological Problem in the UK (see Latest News), depression can be treated and the first step is to visit your GP.  Also consider the following options:

  • Talk to relatives and friends or join a self-help group locally or on the internet;
  • Look after your physical and mental well being by relaxing, taking regular exercise, eating healthily, not drinking too much alcohol, and getting a good night’s sleep;
  • Complementary therapies such as homeopathy or herbal medicines;
  • Drugs including antidepressants and tranquillisers can be prescribed;
  • Counselling to explore your feelings in a non-judgemental safe environment.



  • Try not to turn to drink or drugs to mask the pain of depression;
  • If you aware of the cause of the depression, try to address it.

A positive – you can come out of depression and be a stronger person as a result having learnt more about yourself, become more accepting and understand better how to handle tricky situations in the future.


The views expressed here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only.