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Life has so many pressures day-to-day that the mind is continually overloaded.  Mindfulness allows ourselves to experience the world without becoming emotionally engaged in what is happening. Taking time to practice mindfulness on a daily basis can help reduce the stress and keep things in perspective.  The mind can be rested and released from the ongoing chaos and challenges of the modern world.

Normally when we dislike a situation we become anxious and try to move away from it or avoid it.  Often it is sensible to do this but sometimes the situation that we feel anxious about cannot be avoided and when we refuse to face the thing we dislike we actually become more and more anxious.  By practising mindfulness we train ourselves to face things that we dislike without becoming over-anxious.  We become more able to cope in difficult situations because we become able to emotionally detach from the painful situation while still facing it.

How Do You Learn To Do It?

  • Focus on your breathing.  Bring your attention to the sensation of air going into the nostrils.  Be aware of the breath entering the lungs.  Notice your abdomen rise and fall.
  • Relax your body and be aware of the change in sensation of your muscles as you do so.
  • Allow yourself to be aware of how your body is touching objects around it e.g. the way your back feels against a chair or the way your feet feel while touching the floor.
  • Let yourself hear sounds from your near space and those from further away.
  • Allow yourself to notice changes in temperature.
  • Be as aware as possible of any sensations which your senses detect.  Do not distract yourself from them.
  • If you want a movement, slow down the process so that you are aware of thinking about, doing and ending the movement.
  • If a thought comes into your head, let the thought stay for as long as it wants to, BUT do not make a judgement about it.  Say to yourself, “This thought is neither good nor bad”.
  • If you experience an emotion, focus on the physical presence of that emotion eg. say to yourself, “I can feel my heart beating faster.  I can feel a tightness in my throat.  This is anxiety” BUT do not judge that emotion.  Say to yourself, “This emotion exists.  It is neither good nor bad”.
  • If there is pain, be aware of the pain as you would be aware of emotion BUT do not judge it.  Just accept that you are experiencing it.

Mindfulness is when we allow ourselves to be aware of the present moment with Acceptance.  If you can accept how how you are feeling emotionally and physically rather than fighting the feelings you are experiencing, you will  be able to think more clearly so decisions can be made and improved interaction with others.


The views here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only