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Most people suffer from OCD during their lives but it is when it begins to affect every day life that it can become serious.

OCD is made up of 3 components:

  • Obsessions – what is making you have anxious thoughts.
  • The anxiety you are feeling.
  • Compulsions – what you are doing to relieve your anxiety.

It can be a vicious circle – when trying to stop the obsessive thoughts, a person can behave compulsively as this helps lessen the anxiety.  However this is likely to interfere with normal life when a person is determined to carry out the ritual or behave in a certain way.  There are lots of causes for OCD including stress, life changes or brain changes, genes and personality.

As well as seeking professional help, it is possible to take steps to help yourself:

  • Face up to the anxious thoughts.
  • Write them down to get more control over them.
  • Have the obsessive thought but try to resist the compulsive behaviour/ritual.
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs which may in the short term relieve the anxiety.


The views here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only.