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Irrational thinking can easily take over the ongoing thought process especially when depression and anxiety are prevalent.  It is important to try to reduce the stress that the irrational beliefs are causing and get back to a more rational approach.

How To Get Back Into Rational Thinking?

  • Tell yourself what you would prefer to happen BUT accept that you might not get what you want.
  • Say to yourself, “I don’t like it BUT I can put up with it”.
  • Believe that a situation is unpleasant/bad/uncomfortable BUT not the end of the world.
  • Avoid pressurising words such as MUST – OUGHT – SHOULD – NEED.
  • Try not to think, “I can’t stand it”, or “It’s unbearable”.
  • Don’t be negative by putting yourself and/or other people down.

Here are some examples of how to put the above into practice:

Irrational: I must sort it out.

Rational:  I’d prefer to sort everything out but it is not possible.


Irrational: I can’t cope when things go wrong.

Rational:  I don’t like it when things go wrong but I can cope.


Irrational: It would be awful if I did something wrong.

Rational:  It can be upsetting but it is not awful.


Irrational: If something goes wrong, it is not good enough.

Rational:  I accept that things can go wrong.


The views here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only