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Grief is a painful experience resulting from bereavement which can be the death of a family member, partner or friend close to you or the loss of someone or something important in your life such as a relationship or job.

There are various stages of grief which can be passed through as part of the bereavement process.  Everyone handles their emotions in their own way and there is no set process though Acceptance and Hope is the ultimate goal.

  • Shock and denial
  • Pain and guilt
  • Anger and bargaining
  • Depression, reflection and loneliness
  • Upward turn
  • Reconstruction and working through
  • Acceptance and hope

Initially the sense of loss is profound.  However, time can be a great healer and, along with memories, can help soothe the raw wounds which, at times shrink to pinprick size, but are still there.  As we progress through life, other experiences can stir up those feelings and bring them back to the surface.  For example, children leaving home can trigger that sense of loss.  It is being able to acknowledge these feelings and find ways of coping in our own individual ways.


The views here are the author’s and are intended for general guidance only