About Us

Welcome to CCS

Community Counselling Service is a not-for profit community interest company (CIC); an organisation of volunteer counsellors and counsellors-in-training dedicated to offering affordable and accessible counselling to adults in our community.


Counselling room and chairs

Not-for-profit Community Interest Company


We were founded in 2007. Helping the community for over 15 years.


Organisational member of British Association of Counselling & Pyschotherapy.


CCS has worked with over 5,000 clients and receives about 400 referrals per year.


CCS was founded by Carrol Rouse in 2007, and she is still the managing director today. It began as a placement for a few counsellors in a small cottage with 3 counselling rooms next to the Canterbury Umbrella Centre, becoming an independent CIC in 2011. We moved to bigger premises in Roper Close where we are now in 2015, giving us 7 counselling rooms, by then having increased the number of counsellors to over 30. Since then we have grown to a volunteer staff of over 50 counsellors, offering over 150 appointments per week.

Over the years, CCS has worked with over 5,000 clients; receives 400-plus referrals per year from clients direct and from NHS and other sources; and over 200 counsellors have volunteered their time to work here.

Professional Conduct

CCS is an organisational member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), meaning that we are bound to work by their Ethical Framework, and adhere to their professional code. We are fully insured for public indemnity, and all counsellors here, both qualified and in-training, are insured to work as counsellors, DBS checked, and members of the BACP. We aim to provide a welcoming, and physically and emotionally safe place for clients to come to work on their problems.


When CCS moved in 2015 we also started a training business, Community Counsellor Training (CCT), which trains counsellors from their first day to professional Diploma qualification over 3 years. CCT also provides CPD training to mental health professionals and advanced courses, training counselling supervisors, child & young person counsellors, couples counsellors and life coaches. In partnership with East Kent Rape Crisis Centre CCT also offers specialist advanced training for rape & trauma counsellors. As CCT is a part of the CCS non-profit organisation, the profits made by CCT are held in the company to help fund CCS’ counselling practice, meaning that training students are directly helping the counselling practice to keep seeing clients. We feel that this way of working completely encompasses Carrol’s original vision of creating a ‘community of counsellors’ and a true community counselling service.